Carrie is a lightning bolt of great ideas, encouragement, and honesty. She helped me clear away the cobwebs of self-doubt so I could see my true value and power as an artist. And she kept me honest in sticking to that value. No more selling myself short! Along with the internal restructuring, Carrie also gave me direct advice on how to expand both the vision and audience for my work, suggesting new marketing strategies, membership associations, public art opportunities, and field assistants.

-Kimi Eisele, multidisciplinary artist, Tucson, Arizona

Craig BCarrie’s workshop is the perfect combination of empathy, insight, and straight forward strategies. With her boundless optimism and honesty, she’ll help you overcome self-doubt, focus your creative energy, and get going towards whatever goals you set for yourself.

-Craig B, writer

Carrie Seid is a true teacher, completely committed to drawing out the best in students. She went far beyond the classroom to encourage my development and success, always pushing me to turn every project up to 11. I wish every aspiring artist could have this experience. Thanks, Carrie!

-Brookhart Jonquil, sculptor, Miami, Florida

Chris_HokinBefore I took Carrie Seid’s workshop, I felt unsure of my own abilities as an artist, unable to pursue my lifelong goals, and generally scared to live. I wasn’t doing anything that stoked my creative fire, and the work I was producing was sub-par. The miraculous thing about her course was, she didn’t give any of us who took it anything we didn’t already have. She simply showed us a way, or rather, many ways to get out of the funk, to take off the chains put on us by societal norms and pressures. After completing her course, I felt uplifted, and endlessly supported by the community of people who came together in this forum. Months later, I was reminded of all I had learned with a letter addressed to myself, written during Carrie’s class, outlining all the wonderful things I had hoped to see myself doing. I realized that I had, in fact, set foot upon a path of my own choosing, and started the process of living the full, creative life I was meant to live. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to conquer their fears, learn how to fulfill their wildest dreams, and succeed in any aspect of their life.

-Chris Hokin, sculptor, martial artist, actor, Los Angeles, California

Having Carrie as an art instructor really opened my eyes to the dormant creativity and free spirited confidence within my artistic self. As children we are often free of judgement, critique, and biased views about what is possible in this world. We quickly learn to put our creativity in check, keeping our opinions/views clean cut and well defined. We forget to question everything, especially the laws of science, because as adults we know them to be true. We accept fact without even realizing how it stunts our creativity. We live safely within our physical reality and forget how to stretch the limits of true creativity.

I’ve always considered myself to be a creative person, but there was always that doubt in my mind (that grew stronger as I became an adult), that maybe I wasn’t as great as I thought I was. That my ideas weren’t all that original and that some other artist was doing exactly what I was doing, only better. After taking Carrie’s class I realized that it didn’t matter! She encouraged my fellow students and I to share ideas, collaborate, and help the other person see their work with fresh eyes and a new perspective. Carrie taught us not to see the materials for what they were (and how they were traditionally used), but what they could be. She pushed us to explore the limitless possibilities of everyday objects/materials to uncover their hidden beauty. We cut, sliced, melted, burned, twisted, braided, and reshaped every square inch of our materials until we truly became intimate with these materials on a molecular/cellular level. Watching how these materials transformed when used in unconventional ways or subjected to experimentation (only a mad scientist would conduct) was awe-inspiring and beautiful. There were often disasters and many flops, but when you discovered a new technique or new attribute of a material, it was like the world stopped for just a moment while your eyes widened with wonderment and a smile stretched across your face because you knew you had stumbled upon something great. Art is like life. It’s messy, it’s intriguing, and it’s complicated, but unless you are willing to uncover ALL it has to offer, you will never experience it’s full potential and true beauty.

Thank you Carrie! I could go on for days about how you have changed my life. You are among my top ten mentors/influencers that have helped shape the person I am today. Anytime I receive a compliment I gratefully and humbly place a hand on my heart and thank God you were brought into my life. Please keep doing what you are doing! You are an inspiration, an artistic motivation, and a blessing to this world!

-Sarah Aguilar – Speech and Language Pathologist, Phoenix, Arizona